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Our Philosophy and Concept - swisspartners Advisors Ltd.


Concentration on core business

As an independent investment adviser, we focus exclusively on our core business – asset management.

We do not offer proprietary investment funds or structured products. However, we do look for best-in-class investments and make those products available to our clients.The custodian bank is chosen by our clients. We work with some of the most reputable custodian banks.


We build trust with our clients and business partners as well as maintain an active line of communication with them. Their confidence in us forges strong long-lasting relationships.

Assets entrusted to swisspartners Advisors

We offer bespoke solutions for every client’s investment goal. We work with a transparent risk structure and believe in adequate diversification.


«We are not sprinters, we are marathon runners –  for us, the priority goal is that of capital preservation.»

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