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Asset Management - swisspartners Advisors Ltd.

Asset Management

The investment expertise we bring to the table enables us to provide solid and proven solutions.

We offer discretionary portfolio management covering global markets. We take the time to conduct an in-depth review of your personal, professional and financial situation. Together we establish your investment objectives and constraints. We also take into consideration your risk tolerance and capability, your investment horizon and liquidity needs. Based on these specific goals we then define the investment parameters in order to achieve them. Should the clients’ risk and return parameters change over time, the investment profile would have to be revised in order to be brought in line with the new personal situation.

Your portfolio will be monitored continuously with careful attention and adjusted to the changing market environment and outlook.
The asset management team is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Time zone, geographical position as well as available know-how make this location ideal for investments in global markets.

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