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What we offer - swisspartners Advisors Ltd.

What we offer

Discretionary Asset Management

swisspartners Advisors functions as an independent asset manager. We have the resources needed to offer strong global asset management services and investment advice in all major asset classes: stocks, bonds, derivatives for capital protection or yield enhancement, as well as alternative instruments like commodities and gold. We offer mandates in US dollars as well as in many other major currencies.

Our personalized approach focuses on every individual’s unique financial situation. This helps to better observe clients’ expectations and fosters long lasting and successful relationships.

Beyond swisspartners Advisors, we have a powerful and extensive network of specialists with whom we work to offer solutions in other important areas.


Investment Controlling

To lawyers, consultants – trustees, directors or officers – or professionals in the field of asset protection and wealth management, we offer an investment controlling and monitoring mandate as to assist and support them in their fiduciary duties.

Being seasoned investment managers, we are well versed and equipped to monitor portfolios and perform such specific reviews and know, where to look as to spot possible inconsistencies or uncompliant investments.

The findings will be reported in an executive summary, which is sent to the contracting party in the requested periodicity.

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