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Here you can find all our publications on relevant topics.


Our Whitepapers:

  • Interview with the CEO of SPA (read here)
  • Choosing a Swiss financial adviser – simplified (read here) (listen here)
  • Enforcing U.S. Judgments in Switzerland (read here) (listen here)
  • Investments in France? Here is what you need to know (read here) (listen here)
  • Liabilities out of Investment Control Functions – we can help (read here)
  • Investment Migration for Citizenship and Domicile Diversification (read here)
  • Why Wealthy Americans Still See Switzerland as a Safe Harbor for Their Assets (read here)


Our Webinars:

  • Today’s Cyber Attacks Focus on Individuals: How to Protect Yourself and Your Clients (click here)
  • Asset Protection Through Swiss Banking and Asset Management Solutions (click here)


Our SPAcast:

  • You can listen to the SPAcast – SPA’s podcast (click here or on Spotify)

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